Clinicalmind`s /Pain Free Stop/Quit Smoking, Smoking Cessation Program Without YOU Putting On WEIGHT getting on, WITHOUT GETTING GRUMPY, with those around you.

I  have structured my program to take into account my post-graduate work involving Dr David Spiegel MD, at Stamford University, USA a major researcher into Clinical Hypnotherapy and past president for the American College of Psychiatrists and Society for Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis. His latest research comes to the conclusion that the number of sessions to cover the variant response systems covering the broad population can vary from one to four sessions for definitive resolution results in Clinical Hypnotherapy. 

My programs take this variant into account

. Just so you understand, for treating smoking cessation the general population respond and stop smoking with an immediate response rate of  92% on first Clinical Hypnotherapy session. I then reinforce with another follow-up session a week later, I keep in contact with the client over the proceeding 12 months on a monthly basis to check if they have are any unsolved issues that may arise such as overeating or other negative behavior adaptations to the habit cessation any more sessions are free.


The PROGRAM costs $497.00 G.S.T.incl. which includes 12 months of free unlimited backup sessions If ever required .

As you well know smoking has a profound and sustained negative impact on health and well-being and your wallet { a daily pack of 25 is now close to $40.00; potentially WELL OVER $14,000 A YEAR plus you already know smoking is proven to KILL and cause disease. passive smoking effects your loved ones, and those around you reducing longevity of life and causing substantial ongoing health implications. 

Start today with 30 Minute FREE No Obligation, Assessment and Consultation,

PHONE NOW 09 558 3358 or make an Inquiry by FILLING OUT THE FORM BELOW . I will answer any questions you may have. Warm Regards, Kerry .

“I had been a smoker for more than 40 years.I saw Kerry at Clinicalmind approximately 4 months ago and now I have been a non-smoker since then.I had tried using patches, nicotine gum and willpower all failed.I can`t believe how easy it has been since hypnotherapy with Kerry. I thank you and my family thanks you.” BRAHMAVAR JAGAJEEVANDAS Shetty

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Virtual Gastric Band

Image of Gastric Band Implant

Image of Gastric Band Implant

Virtual Gastric Band | Weight Loss Clinical Hypnotherapy Licensed Practitioner

Kerry, has been personally trained and certified by worldwide, {in over 90 countries} UK based Virtual Gastric Band creator Shelia Granger. To date Kerry personally has has lost over 24 kilos in the past 18 months after first using this program.


Cost of Virtual Gastric Band Program $797 G.S.T.incl.

VGB bage web.jpg

Disclaimer; Weight loss results may vary from individual to individual


Stress, Anxiety and Sleep

Fears and Anxiety Sleep Disorder Treatments with Kerry, a licensed Clinical Hypnotherapist.

“We have taken our son to Kerry for anxiety. Kerry quickly gained his trust and we saw slow but steady improvements in how our son dealt with uncomfortable situations. Kerry is very easy going person that I'd definitely recommend.” Sean Spargo


Phobias and Panic Attacks

Fears such as Fear of Flying, Driving, Crossing Bridges, Swimming, Fear of Sharks, Boats, Fear of Going in Lifts, Closed Spaces, Open Spaces, Going to the Dentist, or Doctor, Injections, Needles, Operations, Being Anxious, Sweating, Increased Heart rate, Hyperventilation, Dizziness, Disassociation, Spiders etc, debilitating Panic Attacks can also be treated, ask how.

Children and Teenagers

A.D.H.D. Anxiety Issues, O.C.D. Exam Stress Coping and Self Management Skills, Self Image and Relationship Issues, Problems with Bullying, Improving Performance,

“We have taken our son to Kerry for anxiety. Kerry quickly gained his trust and we saw slow but steady improvements in how our son dealt with uncomfortable situations. Kerry is very easy going person that I'd definitely recommend.” Sean Spargo



Obsessive Compulsive Disorders

Nail Biting, Hair Pulling, Teeth Grinding [ Bruxism] Find out more and ask for a free 30 minute assessment and analysis consultation..


Motivation for Personal, Business and Sport Development

Reach and develop new high levels of achievement through CLINICALMIND`s Personalized, bespoke, , Goal Achievement Protocol’s

Kerry personally trains boxing professional fighters using Clinical Hypnosis to achieve cutting edge results in the ring.


Confidence, Self Esteem and Assertiveness

Ego- Strengthening, Public Speaking Confidence and Non-Combative Assertiveness Protocols to create a new, effective vibrant you.


Pre- Surgery and Post-Surgery Support

Kerry has personally undergone over 27 surgical procedures over 40 years and has developed preparation and Post Surgical Programs, to give anyone a positive mindset for any medical procedure and post surgical or required chemotherapy treatment.


DISCLAIMER; Hypnotherapy is not a substitute for any medical, psychological or psychiatric care, advice, or treatment. If you have a medical, psychological illness or condition, you should consult a medical, psychological or psychiatric professional in the first instance.