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Kerry McGruddy, Clinical Hypnotherapist . NZPHA, Cert. NLP. Cert. Counciling Skills, Cert. Practioner VGB.

Diploma and Advanced Diploma’s in Clinical Hypnotherapy. 

Kerry has researched mind and spirit practices for most of his life. Kerry in his later teen years trained in Qigong with Dr. Dean Rainer, who was born in Hong Kong to a prestigious western family of six generations in Hong Kong. Dr Dean Ranier in Sydney, Australia, was the first westerner to be admitted to enter and train as a doctor of Natural Oriental Medicine and initiated as a Master of Qigong {Chi Kung} and head of the Shen-long Institute Australia . Kerry later went on to enter a Theravada Buddhist Monastery and later, two years as novitiate monk in the contemplative Trappist Cistercian Order studying Comparative Religion.

Over 40 years Kerry has studied numerous therapies including, Gestalt Therapy, Rational Emotive Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Transactional Analysis. Holotropic Breathwork, working for 5 years with Dr Greg Lahood, now focusing on Clinical Client Centered Hypnotherapy and Ericsonian Hypnotherapy and NLP.

Kerry brings all these therapeutic practices and evolves for the client a unique client centered approach to his Clinical Hypnotherapy Practice. He now also instructs clients how to apply the Wim Hof Method.

Re-programming Neural Patterns with Modern Hypnotherapy Practices and NLP.

Welcome to Clinicalmind. 

With the stresses and demands of modern life, work and relationships comes mental, emotional and physical fatigue. 

Modern Clinical Hypnotherapy offers proven practices and NLP techniques to re-set and re-program our brains empowering you to stop undesirable behaviors or habits and start new positive changes. Due to the advent of Neural Imaging Technology and modern medicine`s advances in the understanding of Neural Plasticity and Brain Neural Pathway cognition, many of our referrals now come through medical doctors , General Practitioners, Specialists, Clinical Psychologists and other health clinicians.

Committed to results.

My programs are designed to promote long term commitment and sustained benefits.

I had been a smoker for more than 40 years.I saw Kerry at Clinicalmind approximately 4 months ago and now I have been a non-smoker since then.I had tried using patches, nicotine gum and willpower all failed.I can`t believe how easy it has been since hypnotherapy with Kerry. I thank you and my family thanks you. BRAHMAVAR JAGAJEEVANDAS Shetty

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